United Nations Organization : which story and which role?

Photo United Nations Organization : which story and which role?

When we hear the word the United Nations (UN), many things come to mind. In fact, this international organization works in many parts of the world to carry out global peace initiatives and distribute humanitarian aid. Its headquarter is in New York City. To create a peaceful world for humanity, the United Nations set up many goals for the good of humanity.

When was the UN created? What exactly are its purposes? Read this article and get more updates on this important organization.

A brief story about the United Nations Organization

  •  Before the UN came into existence, the League of Nations, which was created in 1919. It was in charge of peacekeeping activities and cooperation among Nations, with its 58 members.
  • In the 1930s, the League of Nations was subjected to the influence of the Axis Powers which was composed of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Then, the World War II broke out in the late 1930s.
  • In 1942, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term “United Nations” in the Declaration made by United Nations. The member countries were composed of great Allies (United States, Great Britain, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and other nations who participated in the Great War.
  • In 1945, member countries proceeded to draft the Charter of the UN during the Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, California. The member representatives of 50 countries and many NGOs signed the Charter.
  • In October 1945, the UN was officially founded. Nowadays, there are 193 member countries within the United Nations.

The roles of the United Nations Organization

Enforcing international law and security

The most important role of the UN organization consists of enforcing international law and security. It is common to hear about conflicts and wars in some parts of the world nowadays. Most wars are due to political instability and power abuse. Without the intervention of the UN, many countries in the world must have already been torn by wars. Thus, the UN organization's priority is to promote global peace.

Enforcing human rights

Regions and communities around the globe are characterized by their unique culture and traditions. However, if we consider the cases of domestic violence in some countries in Africa, we can say that it is clearly a violation of human rights. Women in some African countries are subjected to all kinds of abuses from their husbands.

However, their custom maintains that domestic violence is a sign of love and care from the husband. This is why it is crucial that the United Nations act by enforcing human rights to save women from such atrocities.

Ensuring economic development and progress

Another key role of the UN in the world is to promote economic growth and progress for countries around the world, and especially for developing countries. This is done by promoting education to the illiterate people, and by sharing helpful strategies for economic and societal development.

In fact, the United Nations distribute humanitarian aid including food, medication, drinking water, and health care to many parts of the world. Likewise, the Prem Rawat (TPRF) Foundation also gets involved in humanitarian actions for the good of humanity. Some programs of the United Nations also provide professional training for workers who will, in turn, work for the best of their own nation.